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Job vs Business

job vs business

Job vs Business

The basic problem which everybody faces in India is deciding whether job or business which one is better for them ? As , there is no definite answer for it . As , this is dependent on our own choices , our own self interests .

So , let us have a huge background of both of this first .


job vs business
Job vs Business

 What is job ?

 Job is simply a work that someone does to earn money . Job professionally is done on the command of another person .

 Why Job ?   

Job is done to earn money , but it is done under someone’s command . So , if you are doing something on someone’s command you get a security from that person that you are going to get this much amount of money for sure . Job is something which gives you security .              

 Why not job ?

See , In job it is fixed that you are going to get this much amount of money . Not more or less than that . May be salaries will rise slowly but you are never getting 100% of money you deserve by a job . I am not joking , the person who appoints you for doing job is making much more than that he is paying to you . Suppose there is a restaurant in your locality and the owner of restaurant is paying a fix amount of 50K to his Cheff but wait the restaurant is doing a sale of more than 1 Lac every week . The owner don’t know himself how to cook such food due to which his restaurant is making 1 lac every week . But his cheff knows . But still cheff is getting very less money from what he actually deserves . This is the problem with a job .

 Alternatives of Jobs ?

I will not say there are thousands of alternatives of jobs  , but  there is one simple alternative that is business or startup . Apart from it , there is also an alternative of traditional jobs which is Freelancing but infact it is also a job but little better in my opinion .

The main alternative of any job is BUSINESS .

Or more betterly if you want to bring the term in limelight then Entrepreneurship .

job vs business
job vs business


So, What is business ?

Buying or selling as a way to earn money is simply business . It is not done on anybody’s command but you yourself is the boss here .

Why Business?

Simply , in business maximum amount of money you make remains in your hands . Also , fame for your work remains yours here .

Why not business ?

Well , well you may have concluded upto now that everything is better in business . But no ! There is a thing which lacks in business . That is security . You are working here on your own . Right ? So , nobody is providing you any sort of security . You may end up as mking no money or spending more than earning in business very easily .

See , as I had given the example of that restaurant in Job section . Suppose somehow that restaurant made only 20K a month . Still the cheff working there will get his salary of 50K , but owner will get a loss of 30K . Yes , there is no dependency in business but the sad fact is also that no one is protecting you like you are protected in job .  

Alternatives of Business ?

Same way alternatives of business are jobs .

Deciding factors for both business and job –

See , in this world everybody is different . Not everybody is made for business , neither everybody is for a job . I will not suggest you any psychological tool for doing this as web based psychological tools may not be 100% accurate . I will simply suggest you one thing , Always follow your heart . Follow your passion , follow your drams and most importantly follow your heart . But wait , don’t you think your heart will leave you in dilemma ? One way you will think that Let us do business but in same second you get another thought of failing in business . So , what to do ?

If you are struck in mid way . Then the answer also lies in same way . If you are completely sure for job or completely sure for business then go for the one you choose . BUT IF YOU ARE IN MIDWAY , the answer is try business safely for short run . Now see if How can you try business safely while continuing  job ? This article also covers about the advantages and disadvantages of job and business .

See , you can hire people to run your business . If you cannot start business on your name then try it on the name of your wife , mother , father etc. means someone trustable . You want to start an offline store , hire some people who runs the store for you . If you want to do online business , invest sometime on it like 2 hours daily . Learn online business through blogs and youtube , start doing it . I suggest you online business as there you don’t need to hire people but you can directly participate in learning business . The investment in online business is less and chances of profit are more . But online business takes longer time to give profits as compared to offline . For an online business gives approximately 2 years time with continuous learning . For offline business gives approximately 1 year time with strict watch on people whom you hire .

Now , this is simple trick but there is a more better way to decide which one is better job vs business. But condition is that for this you should be yound enough and should have enough time like you just completed 12th or passed college recently . That is trying both , people use to say to understand which career is best for them try as an intern in every field . If you try as an intern in many fields , you will realize which field you are enjoying the most . The field you are enjoying most is best field for you . Your dream job is the one where you never feels like working but more like enjoying . If you want to know more about deciding  career , I will write more about choosing career in upcoming blogs . Now at the end I will say if you wish to try business , do it . I conclude at the end that whether you do business or job , nothing is better or inferior to other . Both are dependent on person as something may be good for you and not good for me . If you want to start an online business , check this post .

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