3 ways to generate content ideas

You have started a website, wrote 30 to 40 posts. Now what? You are not getting any content idea. You are just looking at your keyboard madly with no idea in your mind.

So, hello everyone this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to tell you how to generate content ideas easily.

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Do you really know what makes your website good on google? The answer is viral posts. If you can write enough of viral posts you will rank high in google. But if you have already written 30 posts and none went viral then how to find content ideas that can go viral?

The answer is pretty simple. You have to generate content ideas that can do something.

If really want to become rich, start finding content ideas that can go viral.

Three tools to find content ideas

So, here are the three tools that can help you.

  1. Google Trends
  2. Ubbersuggest
  3. Google suggest

These three tools are more than enough, to make your posts viral.

3 tools to get content ideas
3 tools to get content ideas
  1. Google trends– Have you used this tool or not? Tell me in the comments so that I can bring content according to your need. Google trends is simply a tool from Google where you can see the search volume according to countries and even states for a keyword. You can also see the interest of that keyword over a time zone. Google trends also show trending events. Now, if you are writing about technology. Search technology and you will see hell more options to write. You can also see the interest in a particular region and number of clicks for the topic.
  2. Ubersuggest– Again I am suggesting something from Neil Patel, ubersuggest as a tool is quite a boon and best part it is also free like google tools. Just head over to ubersuggest and start searching your keyword. Go to content ideas on the left side. That’s it. It will also tell you about the social shares on facebook and Pinterest which will again help you to build better content.
  3. Google suggest– First of all, it is not a tool, it is something amazing service from google if used correctly. You have seen when you type something to search in google, google starts to give suggestions. Right? Do you know how you can use google suggest service to generate content ideas? Simply, just go to or and type your keyword. Now, after it, write any word or alphabet like a,b,c or how, when, etc. You can write it before or after accordingly. That’s it, google will display you suggestions based on your keyword and alphabet.
google trends
google trends
google suggest
google suggest

So, out of three which one should you use? Well, I suggest you use all three. Mix the things, you can use google suggest results to put in ubersuggest and see some more content ideas. Now put the content idea in google trends and see the result for your target country like- if you want to target India to choose the content idea that works best for India in google trends. By using all three tools together, you can get way better results than using a single tool for getting content ideas.

So, which tools you used before reading my blogs to get content ideas? If I liked the tool you suggest I will add it to my blog by giving you special mention.

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