Founder’s biography- I am Arpit Rana, a civil engineering student. I scored impressive grades in 10th. After I passed my 10th standard, I found something. I found that even after giving more than 10 years to the education system I don’t know what is my aim? Where is my interest? So, on the suggestions of my family and friends I took up science in 11th. After passing 12th, I got fewer grades. I fall from about 89% in 10th to 80% in 12th. Again I listened to my parents and took coaching for the engineering entrance exam. I cleared some engineering exams but I failed in clearing JEE ( Best engineering exam in India) I took admission in an engineering college and continue my journey. By the time I started my engineering I felt something wrong, I feel like I am wasting my time here. I don’t want to be here. I understood one more thing, my life is my life. My parent’s decisions are wrong in my life. I started to find my passion and hobby. Within one year I got that. I started a blog about technology named as verdictar.com and then I expanded to another blog weeklytech.online. I have no revenue model in my mind, no knowledge of the business. I started to watch online business videos, I studied books, etc. After 1 year I found that my entire blog is wrong by business perspective. I continued my study about business and applied to my blogs. Everything was working fine but I realized that if I want to make max benefits I have to find gaps in society and help people. I killed my older blogs and started this blog with clear goals. Today, learnsomebusiness.com is like a company. Today, 2 more people work under me.

I started this blog to help people like me or I can say to every teenager the real value of life, what you are really and what should you do? I see the progress of my country if maximum people work and that is what my blog is doing I teach people to get jobs, to understand what they are and what should they do and most importantly I teach people business that I learned myself with my experiences. Another thing, I teach online business and all techniques I tell require very less or zero money because I want to break the myth of no income without the investment of money. I believe that no income without investment is right but no income without the investment of money is wrong. If you invest your hard work, time and passion in something business will grow.

Lastly, I can say this blog is about learning for earning.