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Blueprint to set up a business

business blueprint

Hello, everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to give you a blueprint of how to set up a business. A to Z technique will be taught by me today.

So, let us start.

Do you know why most of online businesses fails?

Because they don’t know the basic blueprint of setting up the business.

So, this blueprint can be applied to any business.

I will divide the basic business blueprint in five zones.

Business Blueprint Five zones

  1. Thinking zone
  2. Planning zone
  3. Work and analysis zone
  4. Goal setting zone
  5. Growth zone
  1. Thinking zone- As the name suggests, think ideas. So, here is the guide to generate successful business ideas. Apart from it, in this zone, you have to think of what you need to do. What you can do and how can you expand it in a later stage. This zone also covers the social media platform you are going to use and where you will advertise your products. Budgeting can also be divided into this zone. If I simply say, almost everything is started in this zone.
  2. Planning Zone- As the name suggests, this zone of the business blueprint is about planning. How to plan the process. from where funds can come? How you will take care of customers? Which service you will use? All on the basis of your budget and conditions.
  3. Work and analysis zone- In this work is started, business is set up. All the things you have planned are tested up to now. Just after work has been completed. Analyze your results. Repeat step 1 to 3 until you got the best results after analysis.
  4. Goal setting zone- In this zone, you have to set up goals, goals should be crystal clear like 10,000 sales by 10 December. You have to update goals with time.
  5. Growth Zone- Growth zone in this zone you have completed many goals, now just see other ways of income. Don’t depend on one source of traffic or income. Try to maximize as much as you can.

So, these were the different zones of business.

My website story, zones of business.

Thinking zone

First of all, I was looking for a gap in society. I found that. I was thinking about the good domain name and hosting and that too to be cheap.

Planning zone

Then I planned which domain and hosting service to choose. I planned total number of posts to publish etc.

Work and analysis zone

I tried to buy domain but figured out most of the domains are not available, I tried various hosting companies and then choose one after reading lots of reviews. I analyse that I have to think again about domain name, I wanted it to be simple and clear meaning that is why learnsomebusiness. Simple and to the point.

Goal setting zone

I started to setup various goals like this number of visitors per month, this amount of money to make etc.

Growth zone

I have completed many goals and figured out multiple sources of income. Now I am investing more and more to grow it.

The process is similar in all businesses, I hope you understood how to do it. If you don’t follow the sequence properly your business may suffer in later stage.

I also advice you to learn skills properly, don’t expect results early and work hard until you don’t get success.

So, are you now going to follow my blueprint for the business? Tell me if you were already following the same blueprint.

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