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How to choose career?

Which job or business is best for you ?

How to choose a career?

In this world, where are thousand of jobs/ thousand of businesses? How to find the perfect job or business for you? So, the bring question is how to choose a career?

Well, the answer to this problem lies in a very big process but as this problem is the deciding factor for your whole life. So, I appreciate this solution. If you are young mainly in school or in a bachelor’s degree then this solution is perfect for you. If you are bigger in age then this solution is not best for you but for such a case I will try to give you some hacks in such solution.

So, basically what is the solution for it ?

If I say the solution is what you already know, surprised! yes the answer to this problem is finding the passion. You may have listened thousand of times that find your passion, chase your dreams, etc. But actually these points have a big logic. If you know your passion, you know which career is best for you. But the process of actually knowing or understanding passion is big. It may be like, you love engineering but after entering engineering you may start to hate it. So, how you actually understood this point that you hate engineering? How?

By actual trying. By actual participation. BY actually stepping in the field.

which job or business is best for you ?
which job or business is best for you?

So , You got the answer. The first step to identify passion is to work in every possible field you can. It may sound strange. But the sure shot solution is only this one. You have to invest a lot of time to actually understand what you are really passionate about. Don’t be amazing, if you want to know what you want to do for the rest of your life to live a happy life. Then atleast spend 2-3 years in finding what you really like.

So, this is the solution but how to actually know which field you should try as you cannot try every field in the world. There are a few steps –

  1. Use Google – Try to search for every possible field you are even least interested about.
  2. Write down all about such fields, read personal experiences from quora.
  3. Ask yourself, Is this right for you? Can you bear the pain for that work? If you can work is yours. Like if someone is interested in acting, he would be more than happy to face struggle just for his dream.
  4. After reading personal experiences and asking a thousand things from yourself you will still feel confused about many things.
  5. Write down those things, and these are the fields where you have to step in.
  6. Try in these fields for at least 2 months and write down the fields you enjoyed the most.
  7. After so much shortlisting, repeat the same process for the things you liked and repeat the internship again but this time for a longer duration like 6 months and even do part-time if possible. See, which field you are enjoying most and can work even after frustration.
  8. The thing you enjoyed most is your passion.
  9. Your passion is your job which you should do.

How to step in such fields of career?

Very easy ! try an internship in these fields. Even if they don’t pay you, do it . So, how to make people intern you?

Easy! Use online services like –

  1. Internshala – Internship is a simple platform that helps in giving internships.
  2. LinkedIn- By Linkedin, you can directly contact people and ask for internships.

If online does not work for you, try approaching companies or studios or whatever manually all by yourself.

This all is for jobs but what if you are someone who is for business and most importantly for which business.

The process is like if you can start the business by yourself as a blog or youtube or door shipping. Then do that business.

If you are interested in offline business, try a job in such business. See, if you are liking the process or not. Same way as what you should do in finding jobs.

This process is beneficial for the people who are at a young age but what if you are in bigger age.

An easy hack is that you have tried most of the fields up to now, that is why you are reading this blog. So, just neglect all these things and try all other things you think you are interested in by following the same process I had written.

If you don’t have funds to try or no one is supporting you. Please intern as part-time. Yes, it may be difficult but if you really want a better life. You have to do it.

In the end, I conclude that don’t be stuck somewhere . Don’t live in tensions, live a happy life.

This method is no doubt big, time-consuming but invests 2 to 3 years in deciding the next 50 -60 years of your life. I hope you understand and try this method. You can also follow these steps to find passion.

If you are still in confusion even after doing the process for 2 to 3 years and you still want to find possible ways then continue the process. If you can’t, don’t do it always be sure to do the thing which is more important in that instant of time.

Is there any planned way to proceed to help you in choosing a career?

Yes, there is.

First of all, I want you to give me some psychology tests. Like IQ, EQ and Left brain inclined and right brain inclined. This short thing will help you know a lot more about you.


See, a person having a higher IQ is generally more successful in schools. So a person having a high IQ should choose a career which includes studying the way school teaches us. Whereas, a person having higher EQ is more suited for better connection based jobs like they become a better leader.

A person whose brain is right inclined is more suited for imaginative and creative tasks while the left counterparts are more suited for facts and logic-based things.

Now, after giving these tests. You may know better about your own self. Now you can decide which career suits you better. Just shortlist those careers. It is something like that our mind always knows better what we really want and what we actually like. There is always confusion in both terms because we have an interest in both things.

90 percent of people of the world will choose to become a rockstar over any career but this is just what they like, not what they actually want. When you want a thing, you need to have guts to take rejection.

Now, use google. Just shortlist the careers related to the results of those tests and start reading the personal experiences of people in that industry and also about the industry. Quora can largely help you in doing so. You will find some pain in almost every career, now choose which pain you can bear with pleasure like for some people having a photoshoot in the night is pain and for some, it is exciting to work.

Lastly, you can choose to do internships in all those careers whose pain you can bear and see which career you enjoyed most. Now, you got your dream career. Start hustling.

Now, when you know the industry the point is whether you should do a job in that industry or start a business in that industry. I suggest you do a job first, but you can also set up business directly.

Sandeep Maheshwari’s advice for choosing a career- video credits to Sandeep Maheshwari (HINDI)


How to pick the right career by Dan Lok (ENGLISH)

Now, let us talk about job vs business.

How to choose a career between job vs business?

Job vs business

What is job?

 Job is simply a work that someone does to earn money. Job professionally is done on the command of another person.

 Why Job?   

Job is done to earn money, but it is done under someone’s command. So, if you are doing something on someone’s command you get security from that person that you are going to get this much amount of money for sure. Job is something that gives you security.      

 Why not a job?

See, In a job, it is fixed that you are going to get this much amount of money. Not more or less than that. Maybe salaries will rise slowly but you are never getting 100% of the money you deserve by a job. I am not joking, the person who appoints you for doing a job is making much more than that he is paying to you. Suppose there is a restaurant in your locality and the owner of the restaurant is paying a fixed amount of 50K to his Cheff but wait the restaurant is doing a sale of more than 1 Lac every week. The owner doesn’t know himself how to cook such food due to which his restaurant is making 1 lac every week. But his chef knows. But still, the chef is getting very little money from what he actually deserves. This is the problem with a job.

 Alternatives of Jobs

I will not say there are thousands of alternatives to jobs, but there is one simple alternative that is business or startup. Apart from it, there is also an alternative to traditional jobs which is Freelancing but in fact, it is also a job but a little better in my opinion.

The main alternative of any job is BUSINESS.

Or better if you want to bring the term in limelight then Entrepreneurship.

So, What is business?

Buying or selling as a way to earn money is simply business. It is not done on anybody’s command but you yourself is the boss here.

Why Business?

Simply, in the business, the maximum amount of money you make remains in your hands. Also, fame for your work remains yours here.

Why not business?

Well, well you may have concluded up to now that everything is better in business. But no! There is a thing which lacks in business. That is security. You are working here on your own. Right? So, nobody is providing you any sort of security. You may end up as making no money or spending more than earning in business very easily.

See, as I had given the example of that restaurant in the Job section. Suppose somehow that restaurant made only 20K a month. Still, the chef working there will get his salary of 50K, but the owner will get a loss of 30K. Yes, there is no dependency on business but the sad fact is also that no one is protecting you like you are protected in the job.  

Alternatives to Business

The same way alternatives to business are jobs.

Deciding factors for both business and job –

See, in this world everybody is different. Not everybody is made for business, neither everybody is for a job. I will not suggest you any psychological tool for doing this as web-based psychological tools may not be 100% accurate. I will simply suggest one thing, Always follow your heart. Follow your passion, follow your dreams and most importantly follow your heart. But wait, don’t you think your heart will leave you in a dilemma? One way you will think that Let us do business but in the same second you get another thought of failing in business. So, what to do?

job vs business
job vs business

The solution to choose job or business –

If you are stuck in mid-way. Then the answer also lies in the same way. If you are completely sure about a job or completely sure about business then go for the one you choose. BUT IF YOU ARE IN MIDWAY, the answer is to try business safely in the short run. Now see if How can you try business safely while continuing a job? This article also covers the advantages and disadvantages of job and business.

See, you can hire people to run your business. If you cannot start business on your name then try it on the name of your wife, mother, father, etc. This means someone trustable. You want to start an offline store, hire some people who run the store for you. If you want to do online business, invest some time on it like 2 hours daily. Learn online business through blogs and youtube, start doing it. I suggest you online business as there you don’t need to hire people but you can directly participate in learning business. The investment in online business is less and the chances of profit are more. But online business takes a long time to give profits as compared to offline. For an online business gives approximately 2 years time with continuous learning. For offline business gives approximately 1 year time with the strict watch on people whom you hire.

Now, this is a simple trick but there is a better way to decide which one is better job vs business. But the condition is that for this you should be young enough and should have enough time like you just completed 12th or passed college recently. That is trying both, people use to say to understand which career is best for them try as an intern in every field. If you try as an intern in many fields, you will realize which field you are enjoying the most. The field you are enjoying most is the best field for you. Your dream job is the one where you never feel like working but more like enjoying. If you want to know more about deciding a career, I will write more about choosing a career in upcoming blogs. Now, in the end, I will say if you wish to try a business, do it. I conclude at the end that whether you do business or job, nothing is better or inferior to others. Both are dependent on the person as something may be good for you and not good for me. If you want to start an online business, check this post.

That’s all if you liked my blog. Please share the post and spread the knowledge. If you don’t like my post feel free to comment on your views.


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