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Easiest Hack to be successful

easiest hack to be successful

Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to share with you the easiest hack to be successful in any field.

This hack is based on the famous book about time management Eat that frog by Brian Tracy.(INDIA)

Eat that frog by Brian Tracy(USA)

In this book he has shared a very simple hack to achieve success.

First of all to understand this hack you have to believe in one simple fact, this fact is ‘you are neither better nor worst to other, you are equal.’

Now, you may ask that if I am equal to him/her why he/she scores better than me?

Now, the answer lies in the habits and traits or I can say the activities he/she do that you don’t do. Perhaps, he/she may be spending more time in doubt sessions, he/she may be better in explaining answers in exams or anything else like he/she studies the major subjects for bigger time duration than yours.

So, if you have admitted that this is the case only for his/her success then only you can understand what Brian wants to tell.

Brian explained about his life incident of working in sales team, he explained that by using this hack how he become successful sales manager.

Now, I am going to share his life experience please try to find out what hack he used.

Once he got a job in the sales department. But unfortunately, he was failing in making any sale. So, he observed that some people are highly successful in selling the same products in which he is failing to sell. So, he asked those people what you do to sell and implement their techniques. Do you know what happened?

Now Brian was also able to make sales, he practice this same thing with many other jobs and he got success in every job.

So, what is the point or I can say hack I want to tell you about becoming successful?

Easiest way to be successful-

Yes, art of learning from the successful person in the same field. Do what he does and see the results.

But now if you ask someone for the recipe of their secret sauce. Are they going to tell you?

No and big No!!

So, you have to modify the hack of Brian.

So, what you have to learn is the observation.

Observation not like limited to a small extent but to a very deep level. Like you have to observe what the successful person do and HOW he do.

Common mistakes people do are they don’t really check how the other person do the same thing. Like suppose there are two students one always scores good marks while other scores okay marks. So, the student with okay marks starts to observe the things topper do. He found that topper gives more attention to assignments, now he also started to do more assignments but the result won’t change a lot because the average guy observed what the topper do. Not how the topper do. Where topper solves all questions of assignments from ABC book, the average student is still solving from less beneficial XYZ book.

So, my point here is that you have to observe what and how a successful person does the same work given to you.

To sumarise, everything I will say the easiest hack to be successful in any field is by observing the successful person in that field. What he is doing and how he is doing the same work given to you. Another thing I will recommend to you is that also check what work you are doing and what he is not doing. Experiment with that work, see if results are positive keep doing it. If negative discard that works.

But lastly, I will say there is difference between spying and observing. Maintain that difference.

So, are you going to implement this hack in your life?

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