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How Marvel’s Avengers End Game created so much hype? Business case study

how marvel avengers created hype

Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to look upon the ways Marvel used to create so much hype for their movie ‘endgame’

So, from now we will also try to add case studies regularly in the blog for better understanding.

I will TALK NOTHING ABOUT THE MOVIE. I will only talk about the business strategies used by Marvel Studios. NO SPOILERS AHEAD, read with a free mind.

So, let us start-

Business or Marketing Techniques used by Marvel

The things that made marvel successful are-

  1. Creating small fanbases for different characters and then combining characters in a single movie. Hence, small fanbases now become bigger audiences.
  2. To produce an urge in people to watch the next movie.
  3. Never compromise with quality.

Everything will be better explained if you read the summary of techniques they use which I explained below.

First of all tell me which is your favorite hero in avengers? For me it’s ironman. But if you look closely your favorite hero can be thor, captain america etc. Right?

So, everyone have a different favorite hero. What we generally see is that in movies there is only one or two lead characters but in avengers every character has it’s own story.

The one who likes whose story more have their favorite character in that way. So, if you can observe here better One reason for so much hype is that there are many characters who are leading Marve movie not just one. So, there is a fanbase for every character. Combination of such fanbases is itself a big reason to make the hype.

Another big reason is time, Endgame is not just about 1 movie. It is about all movies revolving around the Avengers. In many online sources, it is told that this is the 22nd movie of MCU related to Avengers. Therefore you can see that this film is a result of 21 movies and time taken to make the hype.

The third biggest reason is suspense. Marvel fill their movies with post credit scenes and introduce new suspense in the movie. This trick is really helpful and it makes the audience to have an urge to watch the next movie.

Lastly, the quality of content marvel delivers is also amazing but there are many quality movies who can’t make hype like endgame.

If I summarize, Marvel focused on each and every character. Marvel made an entire fanbase for that character before introducing it in endgame. Like Captain Marvel is not introduced in a second, first her solo movie came out and then after the solo movie she was introduced in end game.

A lot of suspense is introduced time to time, to make an urge for audience to watch the next movie.

Now, let us see what we can learn from Marvel to make our business better.

There are different things which we can learn from marvel to make our business better.

  1. Focus on every product- What we generally do is that we just focus on the marketing of one product which is the most essential for us. But what we really need to do is that we should try to focus on most of the products. We should try to make a fanbase for each and every kind of product. If possible we should even try to make an urge in people to try your another product. Like if you are a writing a blog post, tell your audience about the upcoming post and what benefit will they have after reading your next post.
  2. Don’t advertise your entire organization together, but try to advertise each and every product of your organization. But what you have to remember is that after running successful advertisements for some time. Now, you have to move on to the advertisements of the products who are really making any effect. This is like a hit and try. First, try with every product then limit with only the best-performing products.

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So, will you use techniques used by marvel or not?

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