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How to communicate with customers for making sales?

how to communicate with customers
how to communicate with customers
how to communicate with customers

Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today i am going to tell you the communication ways to make any visitor a customer.

So, as i have explained in my last blog the secrets of making sales. This blog is like the 2nd part, but it is also a stand alone part. So, if you can check what I taught there will greatly influence you.

So, let us start as today I am going to talk about making sales by communication. Most of salesme are a failure in making sales because their communication is wrong.

Generally, people think the person who speaks well is a good communicator. This is the biggest lie, he is a good speaker not at all a good communicator.

There are also people who speak nothing and stand like a stone. Are they good communicators. Of Course No. They may be great listeners but not at all good communicators.

So, who is actually a good communicator?

A combination of both when responds properly in time.

So, I know you didn’t get it properly. To understand this you have to understand that what is a communication actually.

Communication comprises of speaking, listening and replying accordingly in proper timings.

So, in the above two examples, I have given you either the person is only speaking or either listening. Normally, these two types are common but actually, communication is comprised of three factors-

how to communicate with customers
how to communicate with customers
  1. Speaking
  2. Listening
  3. Responding in time

Now, let us see how to speak for making sales?

Well, speaking is basically something you do daily. Right?

So, do you need voice like Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury ?


So, what you need? You need just voice whether your accent is good or bad or whatever it don’t matter. But your voice is all that matters. But the tone of voice matters. Are you loud enough or are you speaking like a 5 year child?

Where you are putting stress and where you are not putting stress? Basically, all you have to do is to speak humbly when in a business conversation and speak loudly when you are giving a presentation or motivating your team. When in a business conversation speak humbly in a tone which is neither too loud neither too low. This tone should be felt as friendly by most of the people. If your tone sounds aggressive that is a symbol of danger, then you have to change it.

Put stress in the words like, Reading my blog can make you RICH. Here I focused on word RICH. If I speak this line I will stress on the word RICH by either using hand sign or by saying it little loud. But remember don’t do it too much otherwise others will feel like you are faking things.

Now, comes the second part listening.

If you observe properly there are two kinds of listeners.

One who have no interest in listening you and just listening for sake of replying.

The another one who listens you deeply and understand what you said and then reply.

Yes, listen to understand. Don’t listen to reply. That’s it, this is all you need to be a great listener in any field.

Responding according to right time- This is something where most of the people fail. The reason being that neither they give the right response nor they do it at the right time.

So, basically respond what person wants you to respond.

This is the very basic trick you need to know, respond what another person wants to hear from you. This is all what you need to know.

But if I look at the picture in a bigger way, you first need to know WHAT PERSON WANTS YOU TO RESPOND.

To know what person wants you to respond is very simple, most of times person wants you to say yes. Most of the time person wants you to help him or wants you to say good about him.

You just need to do this, I am not saying do buttering. Buttering can go in bad way. I am saying to help the person and praise him for something good. For example- If you are selling someone a car, the buyer said I need a car which can be parked anywhere easily.

Now you have three choices and your choice will decide the probability of your success in longer as well as shorter run.

1st choice- Try to sell the expensive car to maximise profit.

2nd choice- Sell the biggest hatchback( he said compact) and also expand profit.

3rd choice- Sell the car which he actually need, he need a small car. Sell him exactly a small car.

So, you may think for profit maximisation by using 1st two choices, but if you do so then that approach will be totally wrong in short as well as long run.

1st approach a big car, will directly stop person from buying when you are exactly trying to sell what he don’t wants.

2nd approach may work for sometime, but in long run he will realise that he can get a more compact car and you still didn’t give him that. Now this will reduce trust in longer run.

Approach 3rd is perfect, you replied according to his need and helped him. Now suppose that car looks wonderful in white and he chooses a white color then genuinely praise him for good choice.

Apart from it you also need to know something that you replied according to his need in the form of helping.

Lastly, if you feel trouble in replying then practice what will you reply in this case. If you practice in different situation you will yourself become successful slowly and slowly.

Timings should also be good like suppose you are calling someone to tell about the newly launched car. Now your target person may be having troubles like he is facing losses. Then that’s not a good time to tell him about the new car. So, understand mood or conditions or time or whatever then respond.

So, these are the ways to communicate verbally and in upcoming posts I will bring ways to communicate by body language in upcoming posts.

I have covered ONLY the verbal techniques to communicate, so this is not the end of commouniaction. Communication also happen without speaking.

So, are you already using all these tips to communicate or not? Please reply, so that I can know what level of content I have to bring for you.


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