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How to know your customers?

know your customers

Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to explain to you the different ways to know your customer.

Before it, let me explain you why you need to know your customers?

Suppose you have a jewelry shop in a very high profile area. You are making a good amount of money but you got an idea of starting to sell artificial jewelry. You started to sell artificial and cheap jewelry. What will you observe is that after some time your sales graph will go down and down. Why?

Even if you are selling something good in cheap price nobody in such a high profile area wants cheap jewellery.

That is why knowing your customer is important otherwise your business will end.

How to know your customers but?

The only way to know your customer is by ASKING them what they need, what they want?

But unfortunately, you can’t ask it directly.

So, what is the solution?

There are FOUR ways-


  1. survey(only for online business)
  2. contact us
  3. feedback forum
  4. Chatbot
  1. Survey- Surveying is one of the oldest methods to know the choice of a group of people. But surveying is not free for offline business but it is free in case of online businesses. You just need to use a survey tool like survey monkey.

So, how to do surveys that will tell you about your customers?

First of all, learn one thing you can’t ask someone to tell all the steps you need to do to improve. You can ask to tell in one line what you want to change on my website.

Secondly, make a quiz type survey. Like Is my website fast? Yes or No

Is my content of good length? You want bigger content or This length of content is okay.

Don’t ask more than 10 Questions, otherwise people will avoid your quiz. Make it shorter to 5 Questions

Remember one thing, you need to experiment again and again. Change questions again and again.

Contact Us- Don’t forget to add this option to the end of your website. If you are not adding it, you are losing money. Other brands use this option to contact you, some customers ask from here. So, add it. Even in offline businesses, be always available for your customer.

Contact Us forum is like adding a version of yourself on your website as you can’t be available to be contacted always. Contact Us is always important in business.

Be available to be contacted.

If you can’t be available add a contact us forum.

3. Feedback forum- Feedback is widely used by offline businesses and most importantly by successful restaurants. They remain to ask about their dishes from the customers. Same way, you can add this to your online business. When you add a feedback forum at the end of your article, a person can tell you what he needs in your article and you can edit your article in a better way. You can also ask people to comment on their views.

4. Chatbots- This is the least productive way but it will work. Very few people talk to chatbots, but some people talk with chatbots and we can get their suggestions with the help of chatbots.

How many ways you need to activate at one time?

Two or three are enough. If you are using all may be person will gets disturbed.

So, after how many suggestions you need to change?

You don’t need to change for 2 or 3 suggestions but if you are getting too much similar suggestion then you need to act. Like- Out of 10 suggestions, 5 are saying your site layout is not good. Then you need to act.

So, that’s it. Are you going to use these methods to know about your customers?

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