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How to make advertisements?

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Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to explain to you the best method to make advertisements.

I have already explained the science behind making sales. So, the science behind making advertisements is almost the same.

But the biggest mistake people think about advertising is that they think advertisement is for making sales. But the fact is that advertisement is never meant to directly make sales but to bring people closer to your brand by increasing awareness. If I say in the simplest language then advertisements make people aware of your brand and products you offer. More advertisements can necessarily make more visits by people to your website or store but that does not necessarily mean that this will convert visitors to customers.

So, how to fulfill this purpose?

How to make such an advertisement that make impact on the people’s mind?

So, if you have read my article about art of making sales then you can easily understand the art of making advertisements because process is almost similar. Here you are not selling anything but trying to make interest of person in your product. Right?

So, what should be the target of your advertisement?

For any business, the target of advertisement should be to collect some personal info of the person who is viewing your advertisement or it can be something else like targeting people to your most popular blog post. But the best thing is to collect Email and make an email list.

Things to learn before advertising-

Now, I will cover what you have to do for advertising something-

  1. Framing the advertisement.
  2. Removal of barriers
  1. Framing the advertisement- What people do actually is that they write anything in the advertisement and wish that it will make an impact on the mind of the customer which is actually a wrong concept. But what you have to understand is what you have to include and what you don’t have to include in an advertisement.

Simply, there is only one thing that you need to create an advertisement and nothing else. That one thing is ‘urgency’.

Urgency means making a feeling in people that you have to buy or contact for this thing right now!!!

So, how to add urgency?

Just use three things in your advertisement- Curiosity, Because and Time frame.

Curiosity+Because+Time frame.

Now, I will give you an example of how you can advertise. Like I will advertise my blog as –

Do you want to make more money? Because this blog can help you in making tons of money just by reading small blog posts of 5 to 7 minutes on a daily basis. So, what you are waiting for? Click on the link and start reading.

2. Removal of barriers-

I have explained in the sales blog post whose link I have shared above that there are many types of barriers and there are ways to solve these barriers. You can even understand this by the given below infographics.

The same thing you have to do here but you don’t know during advertisement that which barrier your customer will be getting or which type of customer is watching your advertisement. So, what is the solution?

Easy man try to remove all possible barriers realted to your product. That’s all. Like for a blog advertisement what can be the barriers? Write them down.

For my blog barriers can be-

  1. Time to read the blog ( some like short content, some like detailed and long content)
  2. Cost of subscribing the blog

So, what I can do is that I can simply tell in an advertisement that my blog is free and it has medium-sized blog posts.

Now, the above advertisement can be re-modified as-

Do you want to make more money? Because this blog can help you in making tons of money just by reading blog posts for 7 minutes daily. Subscriptions free for first 10,000 visitors.

Now, you may want to learn creative writing skills to write adds. For that, submit your email id. I will send you some tricks that can help you.

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That’s all, so were you advertising this way or not?


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