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How to make people click on your links?

how to make people click on links

Hello, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to explain to you the tips to make people click on your links.

how to make people click on links
how to make people click on links

So, Many times I have generated over 30-40 clicks on my affiliate links easily. I have attached proof photograph down.

The week I generated 100 clicks

I have seen people pasting links but sadly no-one clicks on them.

So, today I will tell you the basic theory of what you need to know for making people click and I will tell you the tips to do that.

First of all, why will anyone click on the link you shared?

  1. If he feels that this link contains something he needs to know.
  2. If he feels that this link contains something he is interested in.

Logical enough?

In both cases what you have seen? In both cases the person is only interesting in opening link if there is something about which he don’t know completely or he finds a reason to click it.

So, apart from all these things there is also possibility that reader is in hurry or the reader wants a detailed post inside the link.

Suppose, in 2 minutes you will learn how to focus

or learn how to focus

or Understand the Focus techniques with this 1 hour seminar.

You can clearly see the difference, the person who wants a quick solution is going to click on the first one.

The person who wants a detailed solution will click on 3rd one.

But is there any audience for the second one?


When you don’t involve time, person will always be in doubt of whether clicking is beneficial or not.

Now, you will think which time limit is beneficial shorter one or bigger one?

Well the answer of this question depends on the type of content you want and there is audience for both kinds. So, whether you want to make many short content things or just one big content thing. Both will work in one way or another.

So, from here it is clear that you need three things to make people click on your link.

  1. Curiosity
  2. Because
  3. Time limit

Now, how can you make people click on the link.

Frame the link like this.

Do you want to be rich? This ABC book will help you in investing money. 50% off till 1st May.

Now break down this-

Do you want to be rich?- CURIOSITY

This book will help you in investing money.- BECAUSE

50% off till 1st May-Time limit.

Now, I will cover the three tips that you need to follow to make people click on the links-

  1. Traffic
  2. Trust
  3. Link structure
  1. Traffic- There is no magic trick that you need people who can click on the links you provide. If you provide targeted links to targeted traffic then it is best. But you cannot bring targeted traffic to your links. Or you can?

Well, I have told some ways to advertise your blog for free

If you read this blog, I have shared some extremely easy ways to do it but now I have also learned even a better way to advertise and I will cover that in up-coming blog. Up to then, you can use the methods I shared in that blog.

2. Trust- I don’t know this is a perfect heading for it or not but there is something called “trust factor” People will only click on your links if they appear genuine. So, are there anyways to make your links to appear genuine?

Yes, first of all very basic thing you need to do is to just redirect user to a big brand page. Like in case of affiliates links, redirect the person who click to the amazon page. Brands carry a trust factor along with them. That is why I am saying to do that.

Lastly, you can add social media proof or any other kind of proof but I suggest you to use social media proofs like you redirected someone to the laptop selling page. Now, show the likes on that laptop’s FB page or show reviews and ratings in amazon. Yes, that way you need to show a proof to ensure trust factor.

Link Structure- In simple language, I am going to ask you which links appear safer between these two-


Which one looks more safer?

Second one!!

Well both links will redirect you to same website but the shorter links appear to be more trustworthy. So, simply use shorten links. Many affiliate website provides shorten link option USE THAT.

Lastly, you also need to be specific of the position of the link in your post. It should not be placed anywhere. There is a golden rule that places your links in the upper body for best results. Although, I believe that if the real customer is targeted he will click on your link irrespective of its position in the blog.

One very basic thing, don’t post link like this-

But post your link like this- learnsomebusiness


Because it gives keywords and keywords help a lot to grow in ranking factor.

Read this article for link placements.

An example –

Do you want to be RICH? This blog learnsomebusiness will teach you BUSINESS easily for free and that too with short articles having reading time approximately 7 min/article.

Okay, so how many clicks your links are getting before and after following these tips? Please tell in the comments, I will bring content according to your response.


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