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How to sell anything? Things you were never told before

how to sell something, how to make sales

Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to tell you the art of selling anything.

So, do you want to be rich?

If yes, you need to sell something. It is not easy to make people pay for your product. After a lots of research and reading I have found the perfect way to sell something. Yes, this method is available online but in paid form mostly. I am going to explain it in simplest possible way and that too in free.

So, how to sell anything?

See, selling and buying happens between every customer and seller but most of sellers fails to sell things.

The possible reasons for this is that they are NOT TRYING TO SELL but are HOPING THAT THINGS WILL GET SOLD.

There is a difference between actually selling and hoping to sell. Many people just post an affiliate link of product and just HOPES that sales will happen. End result is that clicks do come but sales happen rarely.


Because you just left a link and now is hoping to make sales, not actually trying to make sales.

If you got this simple mentality in your mind , then you can make sales.

After you got this mentality, now I am going to explain you how to actually try to make sales.

See there are only three things which decide sales will happen or not.

These three things are-

Factors affecting sales-

  1. Need
  2. Barriers
  3. Urgency

In all these three things everything favors sales except one that is barriers.

So, let us talk about all three in brief-

  1. Need- Need or more simply a requirement. Why would anyone be interested in buying something? Because he likes it or maybe he wants it or mostly he is going to buy something if he NEEDS it. So, your main goal is not to make your customer feel that your product is GOOD but your main goal is to make the customer feel that he NEEDS it.
  2. Barriers- Barriers, as I said, is the main enemy of making sales. Barriers are like virtual obstructions which you can’t see by just looking at the customer. These barriers can be economical or emotional or any other kind. Your first step is to eliminate all the barriers which will stop you from making the sales.
  3. Urgency- Urgency is a feeling of taking action fast. To make customers buy your product you have to make them feel like they have to take action NOW. Like I said you have seen e-commerce companies saying that FEW stocks left or prices will rise from next week. If you don’t produce urgency, no-one will ever buy.

Types of people and tricks to make them customer for sales-

There are basically four types of customers and there are for different ways to make them buy from you to make sales.

  1. First type (URGENT NEED)- This type of customer is in URGENT NEED to buy something. Like he can be someone who needs a body wash for bathing today. He can’t avoid it. So, to make sales you just have to give him the perfect product he needs. That’s it. Don’t try to sell him anything expensive just because he is going to buy it anyway. Always sell the customer what he needs. Otherwise, he will never return to you in the future.
  2. Second type (NEED but not urgent)- This type of customer is one who needs the product but not now, supposes they need a car but after 2 months. Now, they have visited your showroom and you have the chance to sell them your company’s car. We don’t know what will happen after 2 months so we should try to make a deal as soon as possible but don’t be too mad. If you feel that the person is not going to buy today at least ask some contact information so that you can talk about the product in the future. Now for these type of customers just create urgency like the case of car I was talking about. You can say that the prices will go high from next week. Show some proofs if possible.
  3. Third type (Barrier based)- This type of customer is mostly present everywhere. This type of customer wants to buy something, he needs it, not in urgency but still is behind barriers to buy. Like there is a person who wants to buy LED TV but after hearing rates he refused to buy or there is a person who wants a book but doesn’t want to spend money on books. For such type of people, you have to remove their barriers like for a person who thinks LED is expensive to offer him to pay in EMI and for such a person who doesn’t wish to spend on books you can offer him podcasts or audiobooks.
  4. Fourth type (Random people)- Sometimes, we all visit Amazon or any shop without having the intention to buy something. We just visit there for time pass and in such a case we are the fourth type of customers. This type of customer is most difficult to convert for sales but you can convert such people to customers by putting some efforts. Since these people have no need, no urgency and are full of many barriers. So, what you can do is that just make a person feels that he need this product and that too in urgency as well as remove all the barriers that can possibly come of. Like you can show him amazing deals going on(urgency), keep EMI option available(Barrier removal) and tell him why this thing is important( create need). Apart from it, you can see what this type of person have an interest in and then ask his contact information. So, that you can hit hi email or phone with some amazing offers in the product he is interested. This will not convert him into sales at that moment but will slowly help you a lot in converting this person from the fourth type to the second type.

Now, what is the trick of selling anything?

See, the trick of selling lies in creating urgency, creating need and most important in removing barriers. So, just whenever a person comes to your website or shop. Always try to remove barriers, mostly the barriers are financial. So either keep EMI option or keep products which have less price tag. Apart from it, keep a time limit just like product is available with free e-book for 2 days only and create need by asking questions like Do you want to be successful? Then this book is for you. You have to write such a message in email or text message that person have to convert into customer. Don’t just post links but write emails and approach person. That is why Email list is important. Just by following this, you will make sales.

But what if you want to take your sales to a more bigger level?

The trick is working in a planned way like first of all identify the type of customer and work according to that. I will bring a complete detailed process for doing that. It will increase your sales many times.

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