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How to make your website popular?

website popular

Nobody knows about your website. You are tired of feeling like your brand has no identity. Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana and today I am going to explain to you the simple ways to make your website popular.

So, first of all, popularity is a different thing for everybody. It is subjective. SRK is huge in India and regarded as the world’s biggest star by Forbes. But this is due to the number of fans and India is 2nd most populated country. So, in a way, he is the most popular star on earth. But if you compare him with other stars like Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, etc. you will find that these stars are known in more countries. So. they are a bigger star in another way. So, popularity is a subjective thing.

So, what is popular for you can be a different thing than me? Right?

For me, website popularity is the number of visits it gets from Google. What is it’s Alexa rank, how many likes it has on social media etc? I mean for me it is a collection of everything. A website having Alexa rank under 100,000 is popular for me even if it has 2 likes on Instagram. For me, social media does not tell anything, My website has 2500+ followers on LinkedIn but not even 100 on Instagram. Fun fact is that even if you have a hell lot of followers your social media sends a very less number of people to your website directly.

So, here is my way to make a website popular.

First of all, try to make your website like a brand. If your website becomes brand then nothing can hurt your website in popularity.

Five ways to make your website popular

So, here are the five ways you can make your website popular.

website popular
how to make a website popular
  1. SignUp to different mediums
  2. Post in groups
  3. Post regularly
  4. Interviews and Giveaways
  5. Paid adds
  1. Sign Up to different mediums- You know even if you just want to make your brand, you have to expand it in various sources. I mean just sign up for various social media, social forums, etc. But wait this is what everybody else is doing? Then what more can you do? Just expand to video content like youtube, Dailymotion, etc. as well as do podcasts. If possible write ebooks in amazon KDP and make an app for your website. More you expand it, more google will notice it.
  2. Post in groups- Just tell me, how more and more people will know you? When you advertise it in front of more and more audience, right? So, is there any way to do so? Yes, there is a freeway. Just join social media groups and start to advertise your content there. For a detailed article on advertising click here.
  3. Post regularly- Regular blog posting plays a very important role in Alexa ranking. If you remain to post regularly in a fixed manner. Your Alexa rank will start to become better. Many people think Alexa rank is the main factor to determine popularity.
  4. Interviews and Giveaways- Do either one or do both. Try to take interviews of already famous people. It increases your brand as well as their brand. Another choice is to do giveaways, like the best commentator will get a brand new iPhone. It will increase the hell lot of comments and your brand name.
  5. Paid adds- If you have a good budget, use paid ads. It is the instant and fastest way to increase your brand. Even if you do not use the last 5th step you can still make your website popular. The 5th step will just increase the speed.

So, are you going to make your website popular?

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