Interview of Fym Miss India Sania Sheikh 2018

sania sheikh fym miss india

Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to interview the Fym Miss India 2018.

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I hope you will learn a lot of good things from her interview. For proof that interview is actually given by her, I have share the link to her official page.

Now, All the answers are given by Sania.

  • Name: Sania Sheikh
  • Your Company Name (if Any) or how you are popular: Fym miss India 2018 Supermodel of India 2019 Actor
  • Skills: Modeling and Acting
  • Age: 20 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: New Delhi

Fym Miss India Sania Sheikh 2018 Interview

  • Questions-
  • What do you call yourself? Any Nicknames? Answer Suzzane Sheikh Urf Suzz
  • You are good at? Answer Studies Modelling Acting
  • What triggered your passion to start doing modeling? Answer I dream about it since childhood
  • Define your struggle in few lines (mention your background, years of struggle and approx. no of projects you did) Answer I struggle a lot to come at this stage coming from a conservative background it was not so easy for me but my hard work and passion for it removed all the hurdles of the way.
  • Is this you always wanted to be? (Yes or No) Answer Yeah but not only modeling and Actor I wanted to be I am also working hard to be an IAS officer, yeah you heard right IAS officer.
  • That one pain you would never want to encounter again (in a few sentences) Answer Pain of losing family for our dreams I never want to see that pain again in my life.
  • Your first major break Answer Fym Miss India 2018
  • Your earnings Answer Do not want to disclose
  • Your idol (Indian or Non-Indian) Answer One and only Mumma (mother)
  • What techniques do you use to earn? Answer Do not want to disclose
  • Where do you see yourself after the next 5 to 10 years? Answer As an Ias officer
  • Your advice to your fans and the young generation Answer Never lose hope because nothing is easy in this world so keep going keep facing the problem and learn lessons from that.
  • How can someone start a career like you? Answer Start Chasing your dream
  • Your advice to Sania Sheikh of childhood Answer Be confident, Have faith on God And keep on dreaming.
  • You want to join Bollywood or tv industry in future? Answer Yeah
  • One question you always wanted to ask yourself? Answer Is this Enough or you need more?
  • Your beauty secrets Answer Plenty of Water and Fruits and nut
  • Your fitness goals? Answer Wanted to be like Shilpa Shetty the way she maintained herself yet.
  • The people who supported you and people who never supported you and your message to both. Answer I just wanna say thank you to both
  • Finally – Are you Happy with whatever you have achieved? (yes or No) Answer Yeah Lil Happy Coz Still too much left to be achieved.

Thanks , Sania .

Okay, thanks for reading. I tried a lot to make Sania tell about her earnings but she did not wish to disclose it. I hope you have enjoyed her interview.

The things different in Sania are –

  1. She is stubborn.
  2. She is trying in different career paths.
  3. She believes in herself.
  1. Stubbornness- Stubbornness is a good quality if you are stubborn for achieving something in life. You can see in her interview how stubborn this girl is for achieving her dreams.
  2. Different career paths- She is trying different ways and different paths. She is a model but trying for IAS. She also wants to act. She wants to discover every possible field she knows.
  3. Self Belief- Believing in yourself is one of the most important things if you wish to succeed in life. Self-belief and self-love really help you a lot in finding what you actually are.

If you have any question, please ask in comments we will take your query to Sania.

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