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Which Job or business is for you ?

Which job or business is best for you ?

Which Job or business best suits you ?

In this world , where are thousand of jobs/ thousand of businesses . How to find the perfect job or business for you ? Well the answer to this problem lies in a very big process but as this problem is deciding factor for your whole life . So , appreciate this solution . If you are young mainly in school or in bachelor degree then this solution is perfect for you . If you are bigger in age then this solution is not best for you but for such case I will try to give you some hacks in such solution .

So , basically what is the solution for it ?

If I say solution is what you already knows , surprised ! yes the answer of this problem is finding the passion . You may have listened thousand of times that find your passion , chase your dreams etc. But actually these points have a big logic . If you know your passion , you know which career is best for you . But the process of actually knowing or understanding passion is big . It may be like , you love engineering but after entering engineering you may start to hate it . So , how you actually understood this point that you hate engineering ? How?

By actual trying . By actual participation . BY actually stepping in the field .

The process will be simpler if you first choose job or business is better for you , by reading this .

which job or business is best for you ?
which job or business is best for you ?

So , You got the answer . First step to identify passion is to working in every possible field you can . It may sound strange . but the sure shot solution is only this one . You have to invest a lot of time to actually understand in what you are really passionate about . Don’t be amaze , if you want to know what you want to do in rest of your life to live a happy life . Then atleast spend 2-3 years in finding what you really like .

So , this is the solution but how to actually know which field you should try as you cannot try every field in world . There are few steps –

  1. Use Google – Try to search about every possible field you are even least interested about .
  2. Write down all about such fields , read personal experiences from quora .
  3. Ask yourself , Is this right for you ? Can you bear pain for that work ? If you can work is yours . Like if someone is interested in acting , he would be more than happy to face struggle just for his dream .
  4. After reading personal experiences and asking thousand things from yourself you will still feel confused about many things .
  5. Write down those things , and these are the fields where you have to step in .
  6. Try in these fields for atleast 2 months and write down the fields you enjoyed the most .
  7. After so much short listing , repeat same process for the things you liked and repeat internship again but this time for a longer duration like 6 months and even do part time if possible . See , which field you are enjoying most and can work even after frustration .
  8. The thing you enjoyed most is your passion .
  9. Your passion is your job which you should do .

How to step in such fields of job or business ?

Very easy ! try internship in these fields . Even if they don’t pay you , do it . So , how to make people intern you ?

Easy ! Use online services like –

  1. Internshala – Internship is a simple platform that helps in giving internships .
  2. LinkedIn- By Linkedin , you can directly contact with people and ask for internships .

If online does not work for you , try approaching companies or studios or whatever manually all by yourself .

This all is for jobs but what if you are someone who is for business and most importantly for which business .

The process is like if you can start the business by yourself like blog or youtube or doorshipping  . Then do that business .

If you are interested in offline business , try job in such business . See , if you are liking the process or not . Same way like what you should do in finding jobs .

This process is beneficial for the people who are at young age but what if you are in bigger age .

Easy hack is that you have tried most of fields upto now , that is why you are reading this blog . So , just neglect all these things and try all other things you think you are interested in by following the same process I had written .

If you don’t have funds to try or no one is supporting you . Please intern as part time . Yes , it may be difficult but if you really wants a better life . You have to do it .

At the end , I conclude that don’t be struck in somewhere . Don’t live in tensions , live a happy life .

This method is no doubt big , time consuming but invest 2 to 3 years in deciding the next 50 -60 years of your life . I hope you understand and try this method . You can also follow these steps to find passion .

If you are still in confusion even after doing the process for 2 to 3 years and you still want to find possible ways then continue the process . If you can’t , don’t do it always be sure to do the thing which is more important in that instant of time . If you want to know job or business , which is better ? read this post .

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That’s all , if you liked my blog . Please share the post and spread the knowledge . If you don’t like my post feel free to comment your views .


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