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Hello everyone, I am Arpit Rana from and today I am interviewing Manish Pandey of Josh Talks. He is the team member of the famous ‘Josh Talks‘. Apart from it, he is also a great human being. So, here is Manish’s interview. All the things from the next paragraph are answered by Manish. For proof, Manish will share this interview link in his social media or website.

So, let us start. Now here is Manish.

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  • Name: Manish Pandey
  • Your Organization Name (if Any) or social media in which you are popular: Josh Talks
  • Skills: Digital Marketing, Networking, Public Relations
  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Delhi – NCR (Specifically Gurugram)

Interview of Manish Pandey (team member of Josh Talks)

What do you call yourself? Any Nick names?

Why will I call myself anything? Nick Name – everyone calls me Pandey ji or Pandey Sir in office, Friends call me just by my First Name.

You are good at?

Nothing (ha ha), I believe I am good at making good conversations, little bit of marketing and sales, putting the word out.   

What triggered your passion to start doing this work you are doing now?

Passion don’t really need a reason; it is just there and motivates you to do what you want to do. I believe that sums it up.

Define your struggle in few lines. (mention your background, years of struggle and approx. no of projects you did)

Started working from when in School, taught tuitions, worked as a daily wage laborer in factories, could study only till 12th standard in school, after that started working in professional environment – from call centers, part-time in MacDonald and things moved by time, it has been 12 years after school now and I believe it is going good. Very fortunate to have this life and time that taught too many things in its course.  

Is this you always wanted to be? (Yes or No)

Very subjective question. If you ask me now – YES.

That one pain you would never want to encounter again. (in few sentences)

Financial Crises.

Your first major break.

Work wise – I Knowledge Factory, a digital marketing agency in Pune.

Your earnings.

Good enough to take care of my family and pay my bills.

Your idol. (Indian or Non-Indian)

Never look up to anyone, never look down upon anyone. Still – Yogananda Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda, Not Indian – My Nanaji.

What techniques do you use to earn from your business? (like how you approach brands or how you select product to promote)

Be authentic, never lie or play smart, honesty wins consumers and then treat them like Kings.

Where you see yourself after next 5 to 10 years?

Be a better human being than I am today, if I am around till that time.

Your advice to your fans and young generation.

I do not believe in the concept of Fans, this is a very western term of keeping one person on some false place. 

Advice for young generation:

Be patient, do not have fear of missing out of time or opportunity .

Be disciplined, determined and honest, have expectation from self only.

Be true to yourself, do not take unethical ways to reach someplace.

Work hard and smart both, always think of a holistic growth .

Be very considerate of Nature, environment, wildlife and your own life. Stay away from Alcohol, drugs, do not look for happiness elsewhere.  

How can someone start the career like you?

Get a job, respect that, do not focus on how much money are you earning, focus on how much wealth are you collecting.(Money is just a very small part of Wealth)

Your advice to yourself of childhood.

Should not have been to hard to myself .

Do you want to change career in future?

May be Yes.

One question you always wanted to ask from yourself.

Why do people focus so much on Materialistic Wins? 

Your spiritual side.

Be Ethical, be kind, focus on good eating habit, eat what is required, respect and care for Nature, wildlife and be of Giving attitude, always keep gratitude, forgive but do not forget.

Your fitness goals.

Eat healthy, drink a lot of water, expose yourself to Nature and keep walking 😊

People who supported you and people who never supported you and your message to both.

There are many people who supported me – Always have immense Gratitude towards them. I do not remember people who did not support me, or wait – the best part is I never expected anyone to support me. (so no message for people I do not know/remember of :P) 

Finally – Are you Happy with whatever you have achieved? (yes or No)


Thanks, Manish.

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