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Three steps for becoming more productive in business( or in life)

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I have always seen in my life that people are not productive in their life. Unproductiveness slowly destroys life. There can be a thousand reasons for being less productive or zero productive.

So, I am Arpit Rana from and today I am going to explain to you the various way of in which you can become more productive. There are only three things you need to do and these three things are-

  1. Love your work
  2. Kill procrastination
  3. Get knowledge

So, let us understand the steps of doing these things-

steps for becoming more productive in business( or in life)

  1. Love your work- The only way to do great work is to love what you do. This sentence was said by Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. So, what you need to learn is that what you are doing is love-able by yourself. Now, you can’t love every work in the universe. I love writing, I can write almost everything. But there are people don’t enjoy writing. So, what will be loved by you will solely depend on what you like to do. There is a thing called passion, passion is different for everyone. Everyone has to find his/her passion to grow in life. So, is developing or understanding passion tough? Well the answer is identifying your passion is tough but understanding it and improving it is easier. You are naturally born with the quality of doing better than others in the field of your passion and somehow you enjoy working in it. So, what should you need to do to really finding passion? There is a very basic thing you need to do, the thing is working on every possible thing you like. Just take down a list of all the careers options you like. Start reading about the work experiences of people in social forums and also do 2 to 3 months internships if possible in different fields. Always ask a question from yourself, is this the field for which you can take criticism. If yes, then this is the field you should go for.

In business, don’t crave for rest but crave for doing more work. More work means more productiveness.

2. Kill procrastination- Procrastination means the habit of leaving work for tomorrow. Procrastination is a thing that kills your schedule, it kills your attitude of doing things. You sometimes prefer sleeping or any entertainment over your work. So, what should you need to do? There is a famous wording in India,” Kal ka kaam aj kr, aj ka kaam Abhi” means Do work of tomorrow today, and today’s work now. So, the easiest method to kill procrastination is to do work now.

In business, do your work sincerely by making a productive strategy.

3. Get knowledge- To know about various things or various career options, you need knowledge about these careers that these career options exist. People basically believe that knowledge is not important but the knowledge and thinking you have in life will decide where you will go in life. By knowledge I don’t mean just reading books, you can get knowledge from videos, blogs, etc. Just getting the knowledge is important, not the source of knowledge.

In business, follow business newspapers, blogs, podcasts etc.

These are the things you need to do to become more productive. If you want to to get help in deciding job or businesses, which one suits you try this quiz, job vs business.


Do you want to be a leader and will celebrate the success of the team but a failure as just of yours?

Success is of the team but failure is just of a leader. Can you bear this pain or not?

Do you like to handle the team and can make people work under you?

You like to be silent and mind your own business or you want to make people work according to you and bring better results.

Can you handle a lot of stress without being paid?

A startup involves a period of time when there is no boss over you and no one pays you.

Are you happy with the fact that you can make more money in business by doing the same thing you are doing in the job? Just because the job gives you security while business is always at risk of losses and profits.

Jobs always pay you less than what your boss is making and business gives you the most fraction of money you can make.

Are you satisfied with the traditional education system who teaches people to run rat-race or you want to start something of your own?

Only if you have the courage to challenge the education system and make your own way then say. Challenging something used by the entire world is a painful journey, you could be called stupid, useless, failure by your own friends and family. If you have the courage to prove them wrong only then say to start something.

Job or business. Which one should you choose? This quiz will help you. Only 5 questions
Based on your answers, you are the one who is suited for business
Based on your answers, you are the one who is suited for the job

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So, do you become more productive in business or an entire life by following these steps? Your answers motivate me to write more.

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