Sahil Sultanpuri, Famous Bollywood lyricist interview

Sahil Sultanpuri interview

Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana and today I am going to interview Mr. Sahil Sultanpuri. He has written around 250 songs and his work includes the Commando 3 movie of Vidyut Jamwal.

Since he was not free for the voice-based interview. So, we have to manage with the written based. In this interview, I have asked as deeply as I can about the needs to enter in Bollywood as a lyricist. What is the right way to proceed etc? Hope you all will enjoy this interview.

So, here is Sahil Sultanpuri’s interview. Numbering is done with questions and answers are written just below them.

Sahil Sultanpuri Interview- famous lyricist of Bollywood

  1. How will you explain Sahil Sultanpuri?

I am Sahil Sultanpuri. I am working as a Lyricist at the Bollywood Hindi cinema. I had done some feature films, serials, albums as Lyricist. I think “Mehnat itni khamoshi se karo ki safalta shor macha de”.

2. So, how actually lyrics writing started in your life?

From school days I want to do something different from other people and one thing is there I am very much inspired by a dignity “public figure”. So I choose this way to reach my Goal and start from writing, kavi sammelan, Mushairas, etc. You can say this was the start of my journey and now I am here.

3. Your idol

Well, it would be very tough for me to tell who is my idol as I have learned from every senior in the industry. I have learned something from every song. But the people who have influenced me a lot are Anand Bakshi and Majrooh Sultanpuri.

4. As you have worked with stars like Vidyut Singh Jamwal etc. What have you seen common in such personalities?

In all the stars I have worked with, the common thing I have seen is their humbleness. About Vidyut, I can say he is very humble and down to earth.

5. How can someone start a career like you?

I will say to start any career just be hardworking and have passion for that work. There is no other substitute.

6. As we have seen that there are auditions for actors, singers, and dancers. But there is no audition for a lyricist or a writer. Then how can a lyricist start?

I agree with you but I think when you meet with a Bollywood music director and tell him your song it is similar to the audition. You have to approach different music directors because not every music director will like your work. There is a struggle in every phase.

7. So, how can a new talent actually meet with a music director?

If you have a valid reason for the meeting, then they will definitely meet just ask for the appointment. For new talent, he/she must possess something new and amazing. Nobody wants someone new who does not have anything new or different.

8. Any suggestions for the new and young generation.

The fate of India is in the hands of the new and young generation. The only suggestion I will give is that just don’t think about yourself be ready to help the country in every situation.

9. If 22 years old Sahil will meet you today, what will you say?

First of all, I will hug him and say the happy new year as well as the happy birthday in advance which is on 1st January, other than that I will ask him to stay away from all the bad habits I have.

10. Lastly, are you happy with all this or we are going to see Sahil reaching the level of Gulzar?

The lyricist inside me is never satisfied, I am always searching for something new and amazing. About Gulzar sir, he is the sky and Sahil is not even near to him. If I become the Sahil I want I would be happy.

So, these were the things Sahil Sir shared. I also asked him after this interview how a new talent can actually contact a music director. He said simply find contacts from film directories or internet and mail or call to office for an appointment.

Apart from that many people ask regarding what amount of money a lyricist actually makes in Bollywood, the answer of Sahil about it is that the amount of money a lyricist can make is enough for living comfortably but it depends on the expenses you make. So, the answer is simple you can make enough money but don’t expect to make more than enough.

My main motive behind this interview was to bring lyrics writing in limelight, up to now I have interviewed models, actors, anchors, social workers, marketers, and travelers. My main motive is to bring every field in the limelight which you all dream about. I am working on bringing directors, businessmen, sportsmen all here. Learnsomebusiness will soon become a place where people will not just come to learn business, but for thinking more than the business. What you all can do after becoming an entrepreneur, can you turn your hobby into a business, etc? For instance, a digital marketer can become a lyricist after he had set up a successful business. If his hobby is lyrics writing, he can set up it as a business or a new career. I always advise you all to first become rich or I say become rich in the ’20s and then whatever your heart says. Money is the biggest problem and lifesaver at the same time, I don’t say money is life but money can make your life better.

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