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Sandeep Anand Interview( Sajan of May I come in Madam and Billu of FIR)

Hello everyone, so today for the first time we are going to interview a TV star. So, here is the interview with Mr. Sandeep Anand aka Sajan of May I come in Madam, Billu of FIR aka Puttan of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai.

sandeep anand interview
sandeep anand interview

So, all the questions from now are answered by Sandeep Sir himself. For proof, he will share about the interview In his social media profiles. So, here is Sandeep Anand now.

Questions in Bold, Answers is normal text

Sandeep Anand Interview

sandeep anand interview
sandeep anand interview

• Name: Sandeep Anand
• Designation/Title: actor
• Skills: acting,singing,direction,Writer
• Age: 34
• Gender: male
• Location: Mumbai
 What do you call yourself? Any Nicknames or Industry name?

I call myself a learner always also a chameleon. My family calls me shintu, industry people often call me a hero 😎

You are good at? In one word


What triggered your passion to enter in showbiz?

Failure from the national school of drama

Define your struggle in few lines (mention your background, years of struggle and approx. no of projects you did)

I started the theatre when I was 7 and since then it’s going on struggle is for life as my crave for good work will never going to stop as far in my this journey of 26 years have been part of 200 plays in theatre 700 stage performances all across India and in the span of 12 years in media I took up only 4 projects which ran for years. almost 2000 episodes and time spent of 44000 Minutes on Indian television.

Is this you always wanted to be? (Yes or No)

Different from what other people do in the craft of acting also I believe in discovering new aspects of the craft of acting.

That one pain you would never want to encounter again (in few sentences)

I can’t tell you that is there and I feel this will be with me forever.

Your first major break

Sun yaar chill maar (2007) UTV bindass as “piddhi”

Your favorite co-star (also explain why)

I love khilauni played by (sahebdas manikpuri) from my last show may I come in madam as I used to tell him how my real friend behave with me it became very real and close to my heart.

Your industry idol (Indian or Non-Indian)

Charles Chaplin

Do you want to disclose your earnings?

Mard ki income aur Aurat ki umr kabhi nahi lol (Never ask age from woman and salary from a man)

Your advice to yourself from teenage and teenagers.

Don’t work hard don’t focus on goals do what your heart says do it for the love of it you will get what you want.

The latest project you are working on

Method acting ka bhoot

What’s new that you recently acquired (equipment, skill, network, etc.)

Weight loss, the process of filmmaking

One tip for upcoming talents

Don’t be impatient

One improvement you want to see in the industry

Well, it’s already improving from nepotism to me-too to subjective cinema. I just want the people who are there with given chance won’t become insecure and make lobbies and let the new talent moving in always.

One question you always wanted to ask the industry

Where are the original ideas

Has anyone ever said that you resemble Leonardo Dicaprio?

Lol so many almost every day someone comments on my social media with the same.

How can an outsider enter in the industry?

It’s not that difficult now like it used to be earlier.because of digital India things are easy now one can reach at the right place through social media or Google.

Your favorite show by far in which you have worked.

Sun yaar chill maar (Pehla Pyar)

Finally – Are you Happy with whatever you have achieved? (yes or No)


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