Interview of Dr. Shubhra Mittal- A traveler, public speaker, writer, and a digital nomad

Shubhra Mittal interview

Hello everyone, I am Arpit Rana from and today I am interviewing Dr. Shubhra Mittal. She is a doctor by education who followed her passion. I can’t explain what she is in one word. She has done so many things and she hates if I keep her in a particular tag of being a traveler or public speaker or any other thing. She is beyond every tag. So, here is Shubhra’s interview. All the things from the next paragraph are answered by Shubhra. For proof, Shubhra will share this interview link in her social media or website. So, here is the amazing human being Dr. Shubhra Mittal.

Shubhra Mittal interview
Shubhra Mittal interview

Bolded text represents Questions.

Normal text represents answers.

  • Name: Shubhra
  • Your Company Name (if Any) or social media in which you are popular: Linkedin
  • Skills: traveling/writing/public speaking/influencer and many more
  • Age:27
  • Gender: female
  • Location: roads

Dr. Shubhra Mittal’s interview

What do you call yourself? Any Nicknames?

Shubhra, shubi

You are good at?

Everything I set my mind on

What triggered your passion to start doing this work you are doing now?

I have changed lots of professions and lifestyle, and have seen the rat race going on, I wanted to free myself from the ordinary races so I choose this life of a traveler

Define your struggle in few lines (mention your background, years of struggle and approx. no of projects you did)

After my dentistry I decided to change my profession and went in startup world, worked for 18hours a day for first few months without holidays ,I made a space for myself and worked in Indian and foreign startups when 2 years ago I made a conscious decision to become a traveller and writer, and started my Journey on the roads. Yes life is tough out there, surviving on daily basis for basics like food and shelter, walking for hours in Snow/deserts to reach desired destination but it was all worth it

Is this you always wanted to be? (Yes or No)

Yes, but I had to go through lots of experiences to finally shape what I want

That one pain you would never want to encounter again (in a few sentences)

Intense hunger while trapped in the intense cold

Your first major break

my first talk, my first interview with Linkedin/red FM, my first award

Your earnings

my experiences

Your idol (Indian or Non-Indian)

myself as there is no one like me who do what I do 🙏

What techniques do you use to earn from your business? ( like how you approach brands or how you select product to promote ) –

I earn heart more than money and that keeps me going ❤

Where do you see yourself after the next 5 to 10 years?

My life is unpredictable and that’s the beauty of it, I don’t plan for next 5-10 years but yeah I surely want to be as happy as I am today

Your advice to your fans and the young generation –

be yourself, carve your own destiny and don’t listen to anyone if you don’t want to 🙄

How can someone start a career like you?

They need to be extremely passionate about this life and should be wanting more than needing it. It’s a lifestyle I create for myself more than a career, they should do that too

Your advice to yourself of childhood

you are unique and you are beautiful in everything you do, don’t let the world tell you otherwise

Do you want to change career in the future?

As I told its a lifestyle not just a career and it has endless possibilities

One question you always wanted to ask yourself

how you are so daring Shubhra and where is this Energy coming from

Your spiritual side

I believe in energies and how whatever energies you attract will come to you but you have to believe it

Your fitness goals –

I walk 10+ km daily in the mountains, plus do a little yoga, a little kickboxing every day, I am fit to climb any mountains

The people who supported you and people who never supported you and your message to both –

To supporters – well you guys are amazing and the energies you have been giving me has become my motivation to go further in the remotes and write unusual unbelievable stories for all of you.

Thank you so much for everything

I wrote a small line for them

‘ kaise ghamand krun mein apne Shaksiyat pe

NaJane kis kis ke hath lagen hain mjhe trashne main ‘ 🙏

To haters – thank you for not supporting me as I know your small minds could have never understand my big dreams. Now just wait and watch where I am going and I will become something you won’t be able to hate anymore as you will turn into an admirer .

Finally – Are you Happy with whatever you have achieved? (yes or No)

I can’t stop jumping with Joy 😍


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So, as you can see she is full of energy. If you have any query ask in the comment section I will take your question to Shubhra.


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