The Success Story of SKODA

Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to tell you about a car company which was founded as a result of insult. Today, this car company is worldwide popular. So, by the name of the article, it is clear that I am talking about Skoda.

skoda case study
Skoda case study

Story of Skoda

So, the story of Skoda begins from a bicycle. Once the Klement named boy bought a german bicycle. But one day he needs repair for the bicycle. So what he did is that he wrote a letter to the company. But actually, the problem was that he wrote the letter in Czech. German company received the letter and replied to him that if he wants their help then write the letter in a language that they can understand. Klement took it as an insult and decided to start his own bicycle repair shop with Laurin. From here, the Skoda story begins.

Later they also started to expand their business to motorcycles, but their first motorcycle proved to be extremely dangerous and unreliable. So, they took help from Robert Bosch. They again build a Slavia motorcycle which was a huge success.

In 1905, they started to manufacture cars and that’s how Skoda reached to cars. First model Voiturette A was a huge success. But till now Skoda didn’t get its name of Skoda that we know today. Before it, Skoda was known as Laurin and Klement.

Skoda got its name when Laurin and Klement did a partnership with Skoda works. Skoda works was an arms manufacturer. Meaning of Skoda is too bad in Czech and that represents the armed vehicles at that time.

After world wars, Czech Govt. had chosen Volkswagen over Renault for Skoda. Today, the Skoda we know is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group.

Learn From Skoda

So, this was the short story of Skoda. But what can we learn from them-

  1. First and basic thing that we can learn from Skoda is never giving up if Klement had given up in repairing a bicycle. You won’t find any car company named Skoda.
  2. Another thing that we can learn from Skoda story is hiring the right person, if Laurin and Klement did not hire Robert Bosch then the Slavia motorcycle would remain a dream.
  3. The third thing we can learn from Skoda is expansion, from cycles to trucks and motorcycles to cars.
  4. The fourth thing is choosing the right partner, Renault plan was to make Renault cars in Czech in Skoda plants while Volkswagen allowed Skodas to make Skoda in Czech. This thing helped in the survival of Skoda.
  5. One thing more about Skoda is that they don’t sell a large variety of cars, they sell a limited variety with a superior design. Skoda also operates in India and here you can see Skodas offer great designs but the sales of Skoda in India is not up to the level of Suzuki and Hyundai. But it is operating here successfully, also now Skoda is offering almost double warranty than any other company in India. I am not saying to go and buy a Skoda and neither I am paid by them. I am just saying to look at the solution Skoda is trying to take over other manufacturers. Try to innovate your marketing like them to see the change. Undoubtedly, Skoda rapid has increased its presence on Indian roads. If someone from Skoda is reading it, you are doing a great job Continue your work and be simply clever. So, this was a little case study about Skoda. I will bring more case studies like these big brands and will explore what a small businessman can learn from these brands like Skoda to touch the height of success.

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