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How to enhance your skills?


Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to talk about the ways to enhance your skills.

how to develop skills,how to learn skills
how to develop skills,how to learn skills

I have also shared how to develop skills, now I will help you in enhancing the skills you already have.

So, before I move any further I will ask you one simple question.

Quality vs Quantity? Which one matters for you?

I will make the question more simple, Albert Einstein was brilliant in physics and mathematics. But at the same time, he was bad in history.

A good student who scores good grades is usually good in every subject but not brilliant in any subject.

Who is more successful?

Albert Einstein?

Yes, so basically what I wish to explain is that too many skills are good in life but to be extraordinary in one or two skills is much better.

So, now back to the topic-

Tips to enhance skills

So, basically there is no big magic but the whole process is just limited in five ways.

  1. Practice
  2. Study the work of leaders in that skill
  3. Books
  4. Podcasts
  5. Video medium(Youtube)

Now, in brief –

  1. Practice-

There is no surprise in this thing. If you practice a skill, again and again, you will naturally become better in it. But the mistake people do in practice is that they don’t keep a track on their practice. If you actually keep a track on mistakes you are doing during practice. You can rapidly enhance your skills.

See learning a skill can be divided into different processes-

Like if you are learning ‘driving’ Driving a car is itself divided into different processes. How to brake? How to accelerate? etc. See, you can be very good at accelerating but you are very bad at smoothly stopping a car.

So, if you are already good in accelerating car you don’t need to practice for this much but what you need to put work is in breaking. So, what you need to do is to figure out in which process of skill you are good and in what process you are bad. So, make more efforts in things you are bad at and put less efforts in the things you are good at.

2. Study the work of leaders in that skill-

Do you know that some of the biggest writers of TV industry were once used to be assistant of great writers of their time?

Yes, this is true. If you want to be really good in something studying the work of industry leaders really help you a lot.

I myself study a lot in web, before writing blogs.

But what really matters in study the work of leaders –

The thing really matters is one ROLE-MODEL. If you find a role-model and study his/her work, watch his/her interviews that can make a big difference. If you want to be like your role-model, his/her mentality will slowly-slowly enters into your mind.

I myself like to study and watch interviews of many legends like Steve Jobs.

You could have one role-model but if you love watching the work of many people who are good in the skills you want to be better, then it’s even better.

3. Books-

Apart from it, I suggest you read books about the skills you are interested in. Books are one of the oldest methods to learn, I myself read a lot of things about business and this instantly changed my mentality of looking at the business.

4. Podcasts-

If you want to learn the business, go and listen to business podcasts. Podcasts give you tips and experiences of people. I myself believe that tips and experiences can impact your life, I once started a blog with a very unique name. I thought this is good but after listening to some business podcasts I realized that to really make a brand. Your brand name is needed to be easy for people to remember. This is how my branding skills got better just by this small tip.

5. Video medium ( youtube)-

How to tutorials can be given best in youtube or any other video medium, so basically what I am pointing out is that there are some processes in learning that you need to learn from starting. Like somehow you want to setup amp ( accelerated mobile pages ) for your blog ( these are types of pages which loads faster in mobile devices ). Best way to do is to go on youtube, search there how to setup amp for the blog and see how easy is to learn such things from youtube.

Bonus tip –

Bonus tip I have for you is to find a mentor or coach. Mentors are helpful and if you have a mentor to make your skills good. Then it’s even better.

More tips on learning skills faster.

If you have any other tip, please share in comments.


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