5 ways to use your blog in full potential

use blog in full potential

Hello everyone, this is Arpit Rana from and today I am going to tell you about the five ways to use your blog in full potential.

So, what is the full potential of your blog?

When it becomes a brand?

or when it starts to make money?

or when it makes you famous?

Well, the answer is full potential is when your blog does everything I listed above. So, how to use your blog in full potential? Is there any method?

Before it, why should you use your blog in full potential?

There are several reasons for why should you use your blog in full potential-

  1. You are spending a lots of time in making your blog, so if you are not using it to deliver you full potential then you are wasting time.
  2. Your blog is like an asset for you, so make it big for you.

A small story, what a blog can do for you.

When I started blogging I think it is just about writing, but after I learned what is the full potential of a blog. I made my blog like a brand, today people work under me. People want to connect with me and most importantly I am getting followers. I have made a network with very big names in the digital industry, I have interviewed many amazing people. I am now even targeting more bigger names. Today I have revenue options, you can search me on google. I got 2500+ followers on LinkedIn. All by just using my blog and this is not the full potential of my blog. I am trying for more.

There is no single method but there are couples of things you need to do.

use blog in full potential
use blog in full potential

methods to use blog in full potential-

  1. Social Media
  2. Search Engine Presence
  3. Brand Building
  4. Networking
  5. Advertisements
  1. Social Media- Social Media is a great way to become popular. If you want to attract more and more audience who know your brand you need social media. So, what you can do? Just make a social media profile and page about your blog and start promoting the content. If you want to teach people about business or job, join LinkedIn. Linkedin is full of like-minded people, which you can’t find that easily on Facebook. Apart from that add your picture in social media to get easily searched in images.
  2. Search engine presence- How to add your search engine presence? Simple, just write your name in every blog post. Like I use to start my blog by my name and the magic from this thing is that even your name gets noticed in google easily.
  3. Brand Building- the Brand building is basically more about getting more popular. So, what you can do for that? Just build links. If possible make links with the name of your blog or you. Like this- learnsomebusiness and arpitrana. Just building links is not about entire brand building if possible also post your content in different sources, even use podcasts and youtube.
  4. Networking- Networking is very important in any field. Just try to make as much as bigger network as you can. For it, use any social media and start connecting with the people who do the same thing you are doing.
  5. Advertisements- Advertisements can be used to generate a lot of revenue, hence they can make you richer. Just apply for the advertisement sources you like. These sources can be- affiliate advertisement, Google Adsense, sponsored adds, etc.

So, these are the five ways you can use your blog in full potential. But it is not that simple, Everything I mentioned is very hard to implement successfully.

More ways to use blog in full potential

So, Will you use your blog in full potential now?

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